Tote-ally in Style

Published : 12/07/2017 21:49:10
Categories : Wholesale Backpacks

As a female in my mid twenties, I find that I carry my entire life in my purse. Not only that, I always carry my purse for fear of forgetting something I need.  When I carried a small cross body bag, I always felt like there wasn’t enough room for all of the (potentially useless) things I “needed” to carry every day. It was then that I made the switch to tote bags.

At first, I was just using my tote bags for sleepovers, trips or beach days. They were perfect for holding clothes, accessories, toiletries and a towel when necessary. It wasn’t long before I realized how perfect they were for my lifestyle. The tote bag really was the best fit for my needs.

I talked up the benefits of using my tote bag for more than just special occasions to anyone who would listen and as a result, I started seeing more and more tote bags in my friend groups. Tote bags are just super fashionable and super functional. They really can’t be beat!

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