Reaching the Homeless

Published : 02/08/2019 17:01:52
Categories : Wholesale Backpacks

According to recent statistics there are about 554,000 homeless people living on the streets of America. The conditions they live in are harsh, and with shelters at capacity a majority of the homeless are relegated to sleep on the street with the elements. Many of people who face homelessness are unable to be provided basic hygiene essentials, sleeping bags, hats, socks, and backpacks. There are countless charities and organizations dedicated to helping the homeless and try and help alleviate some the elements they face. You can help them truly make a difference by donating the items listed in bulk. That is where WE come in.

We here at Moda West are here to help these charities and organizations, by providing them and you with essentials to help fight homelessness. Not only in this country but countries all over the world. We are a wholesaler whose aim is to make sure you can help as many people as possible without hurting your finances. If you do you find yourself looking to join in the cause please check out our great products. Our selection for hats, hygiene kits, socks, sleeping bags, and backpacks!!

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