More than Simple Supplies

Published : 12/30/2017 19:41:28
Categories : Wholesale Backpacks

When school first started in the fall, there were thousands upon thousands of children in this country that didn’t have the supplies every student needs. Not only in this country, but around the world, school supplies are a “luxury” some families cannot afford for their children leaving them unprepared for a day at school.

At Bulk Backpacks, we care about students of all ages, in all areas of the world. For that reason, we have incredibly low prices across all of our inventory, but especially on our school supplies and school supply kits. If you’re feeling generous after the holidays and want to give back to your community, or another one, our prices can’t be beat. From cheap pencils and pens to erasers and notebooks, we try to make school supplies available to all.

Visit to view all of our school supply options and prices.

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