Jurassic pretend play promotes prehistoric learning

Published : 11/20/2017 20:42:58
Categories : Wholesale Backpacks

It's not an easy task to teach someone about an animal that's been extinct for literally thousands of years, especially if that person is a child. Dogs, cats, squirrels, you name it, chances are you see one in your everyday life, but I highly doubt you'll see one of your neighbors walking their velociraptor down the block. When it comes to describing a more commonplace animal, it's typically no challenge for some one to envision it, but when the only examples you have are images in a book or online, there's only so much a person can learn.

For tactile learners like myself, it's much easier to learn with a model in your hands. Visual learners can obtain information easily by looking at an image or reading a book. To make the extra step from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional makes all the difference to a tactile learner. Being able to control the actions of a model made it all the easier for me to learn, just like it is for so many tactile kiddos. Learning in play is such a great way for kids to learn, especially if they learn best while engaging in an activity.  Visit Bulk Backpacks to browse our Dino toys!

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