Giving Character

Published : 01/16/2018 22:25:33
Categories : Wholesale Backpacks

Backpacks are a staple. While they seem like a mundane accessory to adults, they often determine who talks to them. Kids notice and comment on the “coolness” of a backpack, especially if the images on the bag are of a shared interest. At such young ages, kids tend to gravitate to other children who like the same shows, games, music, etc. These preferred themes are often seen on shirts, school supplies, socks, shoes or backpacks.

When kids notice something they like, the flock to it. When you give a child a cute backpack featuring a cool animated character rather than a simply or generic pattern or print, it is more likely that it will be easier for them to speak to their peers as the initial common interest will be obvious. For children, these backpacks are much more than just a bag to carry their stuff.

We have an array of different princess and character bags perfect for elementary school age students. Check out our inventory here. 

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